This is my secret blog. Shh. Don't tell anyone.

a.k.a, the place where I get to fangirl about one direction without people jUDGING ME.
And George Shelley, because he's an adorable creature of sunshine and happiness.
This blog contains; One Direction, Union J - namely copious amounts of George Shelley - and lots of little random things. Like funny text posts.
LET'S MAKE THIS REAL CLEAR. I do not ship Haylor. I do ship Larry Stylinson. This does not mean I think Harry and Louis are in a relationship/Harry and Taylor are not. It just means I'm opinionated, and I'm going to write fan fic about it.
If you should like, you can follow me on twitter; find me at @kearielLOVES :)
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Sheyles AU; George works in a book shop

In which George never went to X Factor auditions, and instead moved to New York with his family when he was nine, where they own a book shop. His family have moved back to Bristol, but he’s still running the shop and taking music classes at Julliard this year; because, if you didn’t already know, George is really talented.

One day, an unexpected person hides in the shop; and an unlikely friendship is formed.

'George blinked after him; before a frown settled across his face.
He’d had enough kids pissing about in the back because they were bored to last him several lifetimes, and he wasn’t going to put up with another one today.
"You know, you can stay as long as you like if you’re going to buy something; but if you’re just here to hide from an angry girlfriend or to piss about wasting a free period, I’m going to need to ask you to leave. I’m probably going to start getting customers in a bit."
The unnamed boy blinked at him; before assuming a charming and apologetic grin, raking his fingers back through his curls.’
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